It's a Mystery


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Do you have some unexplained mysteries in your house? Maybe the Mystery of the Vanishing Cookies, or even the Case of the Mysteriously Appearing Mess (the one that everyone denies all knowledge of)?! Record all the mysteries and detective stories in your life with this new pack of doodles!

Contains the following hand-drawn clip art illustrations: detective badge, binoculars, cross-hair, deerstalker hat, 2 boy and 2 girl detectives, 2 boy and 2 girl spies, disguise, evidence tag, finger powder and brush, fingerprint, top secret folder, 2 footprints, keyhole, magnifying glass, pipe, 2 question marks, sniffer dog, spy hat and torch. NB: the badge, evidence tag, powder jar and top secret folder also have a text-free version included!

Also contains the following handwritten wordy-bit wordstrips: agent, classified, clues, confidential, detective, disguise, evidence, mission, mystery, secret, solved, spy, top secret, undercover and work.

FOR PERSONAL & EDUCATIONAL USE (please see my Terms of Use for more information)

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