Bigger on the Inside


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Bigger on the Inside celebrates the new era of my favourite sci-fi TV series! This pack contains the following hand-drawn clip art illustrations created from my original artwork: 3D glasses, apple, banana, bow tie, crack, cube, bowl of custard, diary, 2 fezzes, 2 fishfingers, British flag, gas mask, glasses, 2 hearts, 2 jam biscuits, key, leaf, 3 outfits, paper, roman helmet, shoe, soufflé, Stetson, suitcase, tally marks, tie, TV and fob watch.

Also contains the following wordy-bits: affirmative, ALLONS-Y!, bigger on the inside, DON'T BLINK, fanboy, fangirl, FANTASTIC!, GERONIMO!, hello sweetie, I wear a ......... now ......... are cool!, I love New New York, new who, NO MORE, still not ginger, OOOH WEEE OOOH, pretend its a plan, Rule No.1, ...RUN!, run for your life!, The Doctor will see you now, shenanigans, smaller on the outside, spoilers, timey-wimey, VWORP VWORP.

Supplied in a zip file containing 60 colour png files (32 clipart illustrations and 28 word strips). Average size of individual illustration: approx 3 to 6 inches. All images are 300 dpi for best quality printing of all your pages and projects!

Also available in a line art / digital stamp version and an extra value bundle containing both the coloured and outline versions.

FOR PERSONAL & EDUCATIONAL COMMERCIAL USE (please see my Terms of Use for more information).

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