Tackling Nature


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Inspired by a friend's son and his love for TV survival shows, Tackling Nature is a jam-packed, down and dirty doodle pack created for all the intrepid explorers out there! Contains the following hand-drawn clip art illustrations: stick arrow, beetle, dirty boot, handmade bow and arrow, camp fire, water canteen, cricket, footprint, grub, survival handbook, knife, 3 leaves, 2 mud splats, puddle, rain drops, rocks, rope, scorpion, shelter, smoke signals, 2 snakes, SOS sign, handmade spear, tarantula, splash, 2 vines, water splat and 2 mealworms.

Also contains the following wordy-bits: adventure, bushcraft, bush tucker, campfire, danger, desert, jungle, mountain, nature, roughin' in, survival, survivor, wild and wilderness along with a set of blank wordstrips for you to add your own text to.

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