Swim Like a Fish Bundle


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A fun-packed doodle set celebrating those water-soaked days of summer spent playing in the pool, swimming in the lake or indulging in water fights! Contains the following hand-drawn clip art illustrations: armband, beach ball, 3 diving weights, duck rubber ring, 3 fish, bunting flags, flip flip, flipper, float, goggles, lane divider, lilo, mask, medal, 2 pool noodles, paddling pool, swimming pool, rubber ring, swim shorts, slide, snorkel, 4 water splashes / drops, stopwatch, sunscreen bottle, swim jacket, swimming costume, towel, water pistol, waterslide, 2 waves.

Extra Value Bundle containing:

(Supplied as two download files)

FOR PERSONAL & EDUCATIONAL USE (please see my Terms of Use for more information)

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