Summer Staycation Bundle


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Summer Staycation is packed full of all the fun things that a summer at home brings, from chalking on the pavement to splashing in the pool or dashing through the water sprinkler! Contains the following hand-drawn clip art illustrations: armband, ball, open book, bubble pot and wand (versions with and without text included), 2 buckets, 2 spades, iced drink, 2 pairs of flip flops, swimming goggles, hopscotch, hose, 2 ice creams, 2 ice lollies (popsicles), kite, MP3 player, paddling pool, box of sidewalk chalk, 2 water splashes, slip and slide, sprinkler, sun, sunscreen bottle (versions with and without text included), swimming shorts, swimsuit, tyre swing, wagon and water pistol.
Extra Value Bundle containing:

Supplied in two file downloads.

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