Science Time


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The companion pack to my more light-hearted Monster Lab set, Science Time is a celebration of all things scientific! This pack contains the following hand-drawn clip art illustrations created from my original artwork: atom, beaker, boy, girl, professor (each person is supplied in two different hair and skin tone versions for a total of 6 people doodles), bunsen burner, chemical diagram, clipboard, DNA double helix, 4 flasks, goggles, light bulb, magnet, magnifying glass, 2 microbes, microscope, molecule, petri dish, 2 pipettes, radiation symbol, 2 test tubes, test tube rack, thermometer and water bottle.

Also contains the following handwritten Wordy-Bits: apparatus, biology, chemist, chemistry, conclusion, data, discover, energy, experiment, flammable, formula, geek, hypothesis, laboratory, materials, measure, method, nerd, observation, physics, procedure, professor, project, question, research, results, science, science fair, theory.

Supplied in a zip file containing 70 colour png files (38 clip art illustrations and 32 word strips). Average size of individual illustration: approx 5 inches. All images are 300 dpi for best quality printing of all your pages and projects!

Also available in a line art / digital stamp version and an extra value bundle containing both the coloured and outline versions.

FOR PERSONAL & EDUCATIONAL COMMERCIAL USE (please see my Terms of Use for more information).

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