Nativity Craft Bundle


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A fun set of 12 hand-drawn nativity characters for you to create your own nativity scene! Simply print out, decorate with your favourite art materials, cut out and then glue along the edge and roll up to create each character.

This bundle contains both the pre-coloured version of the characters (ideal for creating a quick and easy nativity scene!) and the black and white version for you to colour yourself.

Contains the following printable characters: angel, baby Jesus in manger, cow, donkey, Mary, Joseph, sheep, 2 shepherds and 3 wise men / kings. Average size: 10cm tall. All images are 300 dpi for best quality printing.

1. Print out the characters on a good quality paper (a lightweight matte photo paper is a good choice)
2. Colour in the characters with your choice of art materials!
3. Cut out and then glue along the tab (don’t fold the tab otherwise there will be a ridge in your finished cone!)
4. Roll the base of the cone round with the tab on the inside and stick together. You might find its easiest to do this on a flat surface to help your character stand up straight! Glue the angel wings to the back of the angel once assembled. 
You might like to finish off the cones with some extra embellishment! You could try adding some straw to the manger, some glitter to the wise men's gifts, or some cotton wool to create extra fluffy sheep!
Two download versions are included for your convenience:
  • Two Zip files containing individual PNG files for each cone (ideal for resizing the cones, or for printing lots of the same design!)
  • Two ready-to-print PDF file s(perfect to just print and craft!)

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