• My Kinda Pet Digital Stamps - animal digital scrapbook elements / cute pet clip art! Hand-drawn doodles and illustrations for digital scrapbooking, crafting and teaching resources from Kate Hadfield Designs.

My Kinda Pet Stamps


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Line art versions of the My Kinda Pet illustrations, this stamp pack contains the same doodles in three different formats: black outline png, black outline filled with white png (as shown in the preview) and a new bolder outline version for working on a smaller scale. Digital stamps are perfect for creating colouring sheets, cards and other hybrid projects as well as for stamping on your digital scrapbooking pages!

A collection of those furry, feathered and scaled animals we share our homes and hearts with! My Kinda Pet containing the following hand-drawn illustrations: 2 budgies, cat, chinchilla, degu, dog, gecko, gerbil, goldfish, guinea pig, hamster, mouse, parrot, rabbit, rat, snake, terrapin / turtle and tortoise. 

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