Let it Snow


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A celebration of all those winter activities that are "snow much fun"!  Contains the following hand-drawn clip art illustrations: boot, 2 boys on sledges, 2 girls on sledges (each child is supplied in two different hair and skin tone combination for a total of 8 kids on sledges!), 2 bobble hats, 2 mugs of hot chocolate, pair of mittens, single mitten, scarf, shovel, sledge, snow splat, pile of snowballs, 3 individual snowballs, 2 snowflakes, 3 snowmen, "Brrr!" speech bubble, thermometer and snowy tree.

Also contains the following handwritten wordy-bits: flurries, frosty, hot chocolate, Let it Snow, shovel it, snow angel, snowball fights, snow day, snowflakes, snow much fun, snowy and Winter Wonderland. 

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