Hip Hip Hipster Bundle


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Celebrate the hipster in you with these new retro-lovin' doodles that are part of the June 2013 BYOC Collection. Contains the following hand drawn doodles: bike, camera, 2 cassette tapes, 3 pairs of glasses, hat, headphones, jumper, 2 mustaches, notebook, 2 records, record player, record sleeve, 3 shoes, coffee cup, telephone, tie 2 t-shirts, typewriter, waistcoat, wordarts: retro and vintage plus the following hand drawn wordy-bits: authentic, hip, hipster, retro, style, thrifting, thrift store, unique, upcycling and vintage.

Extra Value Bundle containing:

(Supplied as two download files)

FOR PERSONAL & EDUCATIONAL USE (please see my Terms of Use for more information)

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