• Gunpowder Plot - Bonfire / Guy Fawkes Night digital scrapbook elements / historical clip art pack! Hand-drawn doodles and illustrations for digital scrapbooking, crafting and teaching resources from Kate Hadfield Designs.

Gunpowder Plot


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Remember, remember, the fifth of November! This pack related to the infamous Gunpowder Plot of 1605 contains the following hand-drawn clip art illustrations: cellar arch, 2 conspirators (one carrying a barrel), fuse, pile of gunpowder, 2 barrels, Guy Fawkes, Robert Catesby, Houses of Parliament, King James (2 versions, one with crown, one with hat) lantern, letter, 2 matches, scroll, soldier, sword (with and without scabbard) Tower of London window (4 versions to allow you to layer the doodles to create your own scene).

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