Bruises and Breaks


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The first in my medical series, Bruises and Breaks was inspired by all those childhood illnesses, bumps, scrapes and bruises that kids are prone to! Contains the following hand-drawn doodles: boy with broken arm and leg (in 2 versions - happy and sad! - and two skin tones); girl with chicken pox (also in happy and sad versions, and two skin tones); ambulance; arrow; bandage; 2 band-aids, "brave" sticker; calamine lotion and splat; broken arm in cast; broken leg in cast; crutch; first aid box; 3 germs; lollipop; medicine bottle; spoon and drips; red cross; reflex hammer; spots; stethoscope; syringe; 2 thermometers; box of tissues and two x-rays.
Also contains the following hand-drawn wordy-bits: ACCIDENT; boo-boo; brave; broken; bruise; bump; bumps and bruises; chicken pox; coughs and sneezes; EMERGENCY; fracture; immunisations; itchy; OUCH!; poorly; sick; spots; stitches; vaccinations and x-ray
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