Boys' Night In Bundle


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It's the boys' turn for a slumber party! Perfect for adding a touch of hand-drawn whimsy to your slumber party layouts and invitations, Boys' Night In contains the following doodles: basketball, binoculars, boombox, baseball cap, DVD case and disk, games controller, musical notes, paper plane, pile of clothes, pillow, pizza slice, pyjama top and bottoms, box of popcorn, TV and remote control, toy robot, 2 sleeping bags, dog slipper, 3 socks (including 2 smelly sock!), can of soda, toothbrush and toothpaste and torch. Also contains the following wordy-bit wordstrips: all-night, up all night, ghost stories, go to sleeeep!, midnight feast, movie time, no girls allowed, pillow fight, pranks and video games.

Extra Value Bundle containing:
(Supplied as two zip file downloads)

FOR PERSONAL & EDUCATIONAL USE (please see my Terms of Use for more information)

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