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  • All artworks by Kate Hadfield (Kate Hadfield Designs) are protected under UK and international copyright law and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). When you purchase these illustrations you are purchasing a single-user, non-transferable licence, NOT the rights to the illustrations. Kate Hadfield Designs retains the copyright to the images, all rights are reserved.
  • The digital graphics (“illustrations”) covered by this licence include: doodles/clip art, digital stamps/line art, papers, overlays and alphabet sets created by Kate Hadfield Designs. Please note that this licence does NOT cover the commercial use of any printable craft activities which are licensed for personal and classroom use only.
  • The illustrations may not be resold, copied, claimed as your own, altered or used to create derivative works. The digital files are not to be resold, distributed, gifted, shared or traded, they are for the use of the individual original purchaser only unless multiple licenses are purchased. By downloading these illustrations, you agree to the Terms of Use as outlined in this licence.


You may use the illustrations for your own personal crafting and classroom use (in personal projects that are for your own use, are not shared or distributed and are not offered for sale) with no restrictions.


All illustrations purchased via the Teachers Pay Teachers for Schools scheme and/or TpT’s Schools Transferable Licenses are licensed for personal or classroom use only.  You may not make resources for sale with TpT for schools purchases, no income may be generated from any products purchased through TpT for Schools.


This licence covers the use of the illustrations in the creation of secure, printable and paper-less educational resources offered for sale or distributed for free on single-owner personal websites/blogs and multi-vendor educational websites such as Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT), Teacher’s Notebook and Educents. The licence does NOT allow products to be offered on other websites including, but not limited to, eBay, Etsy, any subscription based website or app store. This licence does NOT allow the production of any printed or physical goods or books (including those printed via print-on-demand sites) or usage of the illustrations in apps or software development, nor does it extend to mass production or art licensors. (If you are interested in licensing my artwork for mass production, please contact me for licensing information!) Educational content MUST be added to the illustrations: your resources must contain a significant amount of your own intellectual property and you must use the illustrations to enhance your work, not form the main component of your resource. Documents must be created by you and supplied in a secure format (illustrations must be flattened and locked in the resource file) to protect your investment in the artwork and to prevent extraction from the document. You must ensure that the illustrations cannot be copied, extracted or shared from within the resource.


Create and distribute both free and paid print-ready educational lessons and activities under the terms listed here. Credit is required and all illustrations must be secured in a flattened and locked PDF file. Create and distribute both free and paid print-ready paperless resources (for use with PowerPoint, SMARTboard or Google Slides for example) as long as the images are flattened as part of the background and cannot be lifted from the file. Credit is required. Create and distribute both paid and free educational lessons and activities on Boom Learning. You may use the illustrations for both background images and moveable pieces as Boom Learning secures the illustrations within the file. Credit is required. Create and distribute both paid and free educational video resources and promotional videos for your educational resources. Credit is required.


YOU MAY NOT use the illustrations to create either free or paid printed or tangible products. You may not use the illustrations to create either free or paid crafting and scrapbook products, invitations or other stationery items (including but not limited to: scrapbook kits, printed or downloadable stationery items, collage sheets, scrapbook templates or quick pages). YOU MAY NOT create resources for others to use in the creation of their own products, your resources must be for personal / classroom use only. YOU MAY NOT use my craft activities in your resources and documents, craft activities are licensed for personal / classroom use only. No income can be generated from the use of my craft activities and printables. YOU MAY NOT recolour or otherwise alter the illustrations (please contact me for removal of facial features for religious reasons or for any other similar small amendments to the illustrations, I’m always happy to help!)


Educational content (your own intellectual property) must be added as part of your resource. Illustrations must be flattened into the background and password protected to secure them within the file. YOU MAY NOT create documents in which the illustrations are loose and easily extracted from the document. Please ensure that the artwork (and your investment in that artwork!) is secure within the file.

IMAGE HEAVY RESOURCES: colouring resources

Colour-by-number and colour-by-code activities are allowed providing there is a clear and substantial educational component added over the images so that they are not just isolated graphics. Please layer and combine the illustrations to create your own unique resource! YOU MAY NOT create colouring books, colouring pages or other resources that comprise solely of isolated graphics (such as headbands or finger puppets for example)

IMAGE HEAVY RESOURCES: early readers, vocabulary and phonics

Image heavy resources that rely on illustrations to be effective learning tools (early reader activities, vocabulary and phonics resources) are allowed but must still include educational content, other graphic elements and/or text. You may not make resources comprising only of my illustrations. NOTE: Combining illustrations with a single word or phrase would not normally meet the educational content requirement of this license, however I recognise that these early reader activities are useful educational tools for early learners and therefore do allow this specific use. It is encouraged that you layer the illustrations (with other illustrations, backgrounds and borders for example) to better protect the artwork and to create unique resources!

IMAGE HEAVY RESOURCES: classroom décor

You may use the illustrations to create classroom décor resources as long as the following conditions are met:
  • the illustrations should be used to complement your original intellectual property
  • the illustrations must be combined with other clip art, backgrounds, borders and/or text - you may not create resources that comprise solely of my illustrations
  • your resource is designed to be used in the classroom and/or school setting only
YOU MAY NOT create décor products that comprise solely of my illustrations, or that have little or no educational content added, for example:
  • blank labels / signs etc
  • blank / editable templates (such as calendars, organizers, writing pages, flip books etc)
  • decorative writing or note paper

Please use your creativity and knowledge to create unique and individual decor products that set you apart! For example, creating a label including a single illustration and word does NOT constitute adding your intellectual property, but creating a series of informative classroom posters and signs does!

This addition of classroom décor to the TOU is intended to allow teachers to create informative posters and signs for use in the classroom to educate and inform students. Please note that this addition does NOT allow for labels, banners and other décor items that contain no educational information, or that are purely decorative. 

IMAGE HEAVY RESOURCES: decorative items

You may only create decorative, image-heavy resources with little to no educational content if they complement a larger set of educational resources and are included within that set of resources. They can NOT be offered as standalone items. The decorative items should not form the majority of your resource. For example: you might include a decorated blank newspaper template in a resource pack teaching how to research and create a newspaper article on a historical event. YOU MAY NOT create standalone image-heavy decorative resources that contain little or no educational content.


You may use the illustrations to create paperless resources for use on platforms and software such as PowerPoint, SMARTboard or Google Slides as long as the illustrations are flattened with other images, shapes and/or text as part of the background. You may use the illustrations for both background images and unedited move-able pieces in Boom Learning resources (as Boom secures the illustrations within the file).

UPDATE MARCH 2020 MOVE-ABLE ELEMENTS: Due to this time of uncertainty and the increased demand for home-schooling and distance learning resources these Terms Of Use have been updated as follows:

You may use the illustrations to create move-able elements within your resource by combining the illustration(s) with other layers and then saving those layers as a single png to insert into your resource. For example: 1. BACKGROUNDS: Combining the illustration with a textured background shape or shapes. (Please note that solid colours are easily removed from images and should not be used.) 2. TEXT OVERLAY: By layering text over over the illustration, covering at least 1/3 of the image. Please make sure that the illustrations cannot be lifted from your resource, thank you for your support.

YOU MAY NOT use the illustrations as move-able pieces in paperless resources without combining them with other illustrations, textured backgrounds, or large text. You may not use an illustration as a move-able graphic in your resource as is. YOU MAY NOT use the illustrations to create paperless resources that are offered for free.


You may use the illustrations in limited time social media advertising and promotional posts for your TpT business (for example: promotion of an upcoming sale) as long as the following conditions are met: • You do not make or sell clip art or graphics • All images to be used on social media are flattened and reduced to 72 dpi • The illustrations are combined with other images and/or text • Credit is given to Kate Hadfield Designs on the image itself YOU MAY NOT use the illustrations to create business or blog logos or other business branding images. YOU MAY NOT use the illustrations in a way which implies that you are the creator of those illustrations. YOU MAY NOT use the illustrations to create logos, avatars or profile pictures.


You may use the illustrations to enhance your TpT product previews and covers as long as the preview or cover also includes images of your resource and you have used the illustrations within that resource.YOU MAY NOT use the illustrations to form the majority of the preview or cover, or in previews for products where you have not used the illustrations.


You may use the illustrations on your resource Pinterest pin images as long as the pin image includes images of your resource, and you have used those same illustrations within that resource. YOU MAY NOT use the illustrations to form the majority of the Pinterest pin image, or to make pin images for products where you have not used the illustrations. You may not upload or pin the individual illustrations themselves.


You may use the illustrations to create images for use on your personal educational blog. Illustrations must be combined and layered with other images and/or text, flattened with a coloured background (no transparency) and reduced to 72 dpi to be included in your blog design. Credit is required with a clickable logo or clickable text link to katehadfielddesigns.com within your blog post, sidebar or footer. YOU MAY NOT post full size illustrations, or single illustrations on your blog (you must combine the illustrations with other images and/or text). You may not use the illustrations to create blog logos, or blog themes, graphics or templates for distribution or resale.


You may create custom, personalised scrapbook pages for your individual clients, as long as they are to be delivered to the client as a flattened image file. Each page must be unique to that customer.YOU MAY NOT use my illustrations for mass production, non-individual or bulk designs or situations where customers choose a pre-made layout, even if you add text or otherwise alter that design for each client. You may not create stationery, cards or products other than personalised scrapbook layouts under the terms of the licence.


If you are interested in using my illustrations in your home-based hand-crafted business (for example to make hand-made cards for sale at local craft fairs) please contact me for more information. NOTE: licensing for home business use will be treated on a case-by-case basis. Please note that my craft activities and printable products are for personal use only.  YOU MAY NOT use the illustrations to create digital, printable or printed stationery products such as stickers, note cards, planners, bag toppers, greetings cards, letterheads, postcards etc.

Thank you for complying with the terms of this license and for helping me to protect my artwork. By following these guidelines you are enabling me to offer teachers affordable illustrations for use in their resources! Thank you for your support, happy creating!

All images and content Copyright © 2020 Kate Hadfield Designs and all rights reserved.

Copyright 2020 Kate Hadfield Designs
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