Super Duper


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A Super Duper collection of super heroes and comic book style doodles that's sure to add some BAM and KA-POW to your pages and projects! Contains the following hand drawn doodles: arrow, "Bam!" wordart, "Boom!" wordart, 5 boy superheroes (3 standing, 2 flying), 4 buildings, 2 burst doodles, circle, eye mask, 5 girl superheroes (3 standing, 2 flying), "Ka-Pow!" wordart, lightning, "Pow!" wordart, shield doodle, 2 speech bubbles, 4 stars, 1 whoosh doodle and "Zap!" wordart.

FOR PERSONAL & EDUCATIONAL USE (please see my Terms of Use for more information)

Copyright 2018 Kate Hadfield Designs

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