Born to Run Bundle


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Whether you are a seasoned marathon runner, or - like me! - a charity fun runner (complete with silly fancy dress costume!) then this running themed doodle pack is for you! Created for all the runners, joggers and walkers out there, Born to Run contains the following hand drawn clip art illustrations: bunny ears, cereal energy bar, energy gel, finish line, hat, medal, monitor, mp3 player, shirt race sign, runner icon, 2 shirts, 2 shoes, 2 pairs of shorts, sunblock, sunglasses, top, tutu, vest, water bottle and the following word art pieces: 5k, fun, marathon, run.
Also contains the following hand drawn wordy-bit word strips: 5k, 10k, 15k, a, am, best, cure, finish, for, fun, half, I, jog, life, marathon, personal, race (x2), relay, run, sprint, survivor, the, time, training and walk (along with blank word strips for you to create your own words!)
Extra Value Bundle containing:

Supplied as two zip file downloads. 

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