• Junk food digital scrapbook elements / cute fast food clip art! A fun collection of burgers, hot dogs, pizza and other fast food illustrations! Hand-drawn doodles for digital scrapbooking, crafting and teaching resources from Kate Hadfield Designs.

Fast Food


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A collection of tasty (if not very healthy!) junk food doodles! Fast Food contains the following hand drawn clip art illustrations: 2 burgers, chicken drumstick, bucket of chicken, bag of chips / crisps (both versions included!), several loose chips / crisps, iced donut, drink, fish and chips, box of fries, loose fries, 2 gherkin slices, hot dog, ice cream cone, ketchup sachet, ketchup and mustard splats, milkshake, empty milkshake takeout cup, 3 onion rings, pizza slice, sachet of salt, bottle of soda and wooden fork.

Also contains text-free versions of the crisp packet, ketchup sachet, salt sachet and soda bottle. 

FOR PERSONAL & EDUCATIONAL USE (please see my Terms of Use for more information)

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