A Pirate's Life Bundle


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Ahoy me hearties! Shiver me timbers, here be some pirate booty for ye! This pack contains the following hand-drawn clip art illustrations created from my original artwork: anchor and rope, bag of coins, banner, barrel, beachscape, bomb, cannon, cannonballs, compass rose, eye patch, 2 pirate hats, headscarf, hook, Jolly Roger flag, message in a bottle, parrot, porthole, bottle of rum, sand, scroll, seascape, shark's fin, pirate ship, ship's compass, ship's wheel, skull with headscarf and eye patch, skull and crossbones, spyglass, sword, 3 treasure chests (one open and full of treasure, one closed and one open and empty), treasure map and X (to mark the spot!). Text-free versions of the compass ross and ship's compass are also included.

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Extra Value Bundle containing:

Supplied in two zip file downloads, one containing 39 colour png files and the other containing 117 black and white png files (the same illustrations in 3 different formats). Average size of individual illustration: approx: 7 inches. All images are 300 dpi for best quality printing of your pages and projects!

These packs are also included in the A Pirate's Life BIG Bundle!

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