Black Belt Bundle

Black Belt Bundle

The perfect doodle pack for karate kids and martial artists! Contains the following hand drawn doodles: belts in the following colours: black, blue, brown, green, orange, purple, purple and white stripes, red, white and yellow; boy; girl; blue flag and red flag; shin and foot pads; Gi (with and without belt); folded Gi; sports holdall; Karate symbols; gold, silver and bronze medals; red and blue mitts; punch bag; scoreboard (with separate numbers and symbols); trophy and waterbottle. Also contains the following hand drawn Wordy-Bits: belt, dan, dojo, gi, grading, karate, kata, kihon, kumite, kyu, martial arts; renraku waza, sempai, sensei, taekwondo and tournament.

Extra Value Bundle pack containing:

Co-ordinates with my Karate Kids doodles!

FOR PERSONAL / LIMITED S4H USE (please see my Terms of Use for more information)

Designer: Kate Hadfield
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