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A set of A to Z themed hand drawn doodles! Perfect for creating personalised reading aids, each picture word has been chosen to be easily recognisable, while containing short vowel sounds and the most common consonant sound (wherever possible!). Each picture also has a matching wordy-bit word strip (some with several versions to cover US, UK and international English!). 

Contains the following hand-drawn doodles and wordy-bits: apple, bus, cat, dog, egg, fox, gift, hat, igloo, jar / jam / jelly, kiss, leg, map, net, octopus, pig, queen, rug, sun, tub, umbrella, vet, web, x-ray and boX (x-ray for initial letter recognition, box for phonics games), yo-yo, zip / zipper. The following illustrations are supplied in two hair / skin tone versions: kiss, leg, queen, vet.

FOR PERSONAL / LIMITED S4H USE (please see my Terms of Use for more information)

Designer: Kate Hadfield
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